We have been honored to help so many people since our organization started! Here is a list of the individuals and organizations that have been helped because of your support of Danielle’s Gift.


Aizlynn Burningham

Alyssa Welch

Angels for Shea

Arjay Wiles

Bradley Pacheco Toy Drive

Calvin Velazquez

Children’s Crisis Center

Clothes For Kids – Hilmar

Creative Alternatives

Elsie Brooks

Fava Kids

Feed My Starving Children

Foster Youth “Michael”

Giovanni Aguliar

Hilmar Clothes for Kids

Hughson Christmas Basket Project

Hunter Womack

Hutton House

Isabella Crutcher

Isabella Gomes

Jameson Mininger

Jasen Bracy

Jasen Chatline

Javier Guerrero

Jessica’s House

Jessica Huse

Joe Owens

Jordan Terry

Keith Howe

Lauren Montee

Lyndsey Sexton

Mariaelena Hudgens

Makinzie Bulman

Matthew Ouimet

Maximillion Iorns

Methodist Church – Mexico Backpack Project

Miranda Hoiland

Morgan Thornsberry

Nathan Robinson

OEPA – One East Palo Alto Sponsored Employment Program

Olivia Keo

Payton Walker

Riley Jane Brown

Taylor Heart Camp

Taylor Morrow

Timothy Oliferchuk

Turlock Gospel Mission

United Samaritans Foundation

Walk For Love Shoe Drive

Xavier Faustino

Zoey Lofthus