Danielle’s Gift

Giving the Gift of Hope

Helping children in need
Recipient of Danielle's Gift, Bronson with cochlear implant
Danielle's Gift Recipients and Volunteers
Danielle’s Gift

Giving the Gift of Hope

Helping children in need
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Danielle’s Dream

This nonprofit foundation honors Danielle Marie Genzoli, whose dream it was to travel the world and help children.  Danielle was tragically killed in an auto accident at the age of 16, but her dream is carried on by Danielle’s Gift.  Read more…

Danielle’s “Charlie Brown Christmas Tree”

Upcoming Events

Very limited tickets, check for availability  by calling 209-765-7059 or emailing daniellesgift@yahoo.com.

Summerfest Fundraiser 2024


Recipients of Danielle’s Gift

We have been honored to help 101 children and young adults since our organization started!  Here are a few of our recipients and their stories…

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Questions?  Send us a message

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Ways To Help



Danielle’s Gift always appreciates volunteers to assist our fundraising efforts.  Your talents and time are valuable to us, so please fill out our volunteer form and we will contact you.  Thank you!



Donations allow us to assist children in need.  Any amount is appreciated.  All donations go directly to the children and young adults less fundraising fees.



Many local businesses, as well as individuals, sponsor Danielle’s Gift because they want to help the children of our community.  See our sponsors here.  Please contact us if you wish to become a sponsor.

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