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DG recipients

Like to shop? You can help Danielle’s Gift by simply using the link below to shop at Amazon Smile!

Danielle’s Gift


Like to shop? You can help Danielle’s Gift by simply using the link below to shop at Amazon Smile!

Helping Anonymous Kids

There are children and young adults in situations that are not the best and are beyond their control. When Danielle’s Gift receives an emergency call from a school district in need of getting warm clothing to a child we step in. That happened recently and we were able to help some teenage girls, who virtually had nothing, get everything they needed and more for the winter. This is always anonymous for obvious reasons but we wanted you to know that there are many more kids being helped because of your generosity than we post. It is our understanding that the girls were extremely grateful and surprised with all the wonderful items they received. #daniellesgift #makingadifference #allbecauseofyou


Organization Recipients

We have supported 32 organizations that help children.  These include:


BACS – Support with clothing, food and essential items for the homeless children
Bradley Pacheco Toy Drive – Toys provided for children in the hospital at Christmas time
Camp Erin Grief Camp – Provided S’more packets for children as they attended camp
Camp Kesem – Provided fund to help support children with serious disabilities to attend camp.
Camp Wampler
Childrens Crisis Center
Creative Alternatives Gateway House
Family Promise of Modesto – Provided clothing, food, and various items for homeless children
FAVA – Supports children with cancer
Feed My Starving Children
Foothill Horizons – Provided rain coats, reusable water bottles, rubber boots and small packs for children with diabetes so they can take the hikes.
Hilmar Clothes for Kids
Hughson Christmas Baskets –
Hughson Family Resource
Hughson Ministerial
Hughson Schools Elf Project
Hughson Youth Football & Cheer – Provided AED life saving device
Hutton House – Provided backpacks filled with gloves, hats, toothpaste, toothbrush adn other essentials for homeless teens
Jessica’s House
Jr. Cats Football & Cheer Sonora – Provided AED life saving device
Madera Childrens Hospital
Mexico Backpack Project
Mission Birthday Club
Phi Kappa Phi Book Drive
Promise Scholars Stanislaus State University – Supports foster youth in obtaining higher education
Taylor Heart Camp
Tuolumne City Youth Football & Cheer – Provided AED life saving device
Turlock Gospel Mission – Warm clothing, blankets and books for children
Turlock Pregnancy Center – Donated car seats
United Samaritans Foundation
VIA Heart Project Hilmar – Free heart screening for children

Read Some Recipients’ Stories

We have been honored to help 101 children and young adults since our organization started!  Here are a few of our recipients and their stories…

Andrea - Acute Chronic Pancreatitis


Read about Andrea

Andrea developed Acute Chronic Pancreatitis with septic shock. Andrea received a quadruple amputation and needed help with transportation to her doctors appointments. Danielle’s Gift stepped in and was happy to help. Thank you to all that donate and make this possible. You truly make a difference. Our prayers are with Andrea, what a brave young lady. #daniellesgift #makingadifference #loveourdonors

Baylee, victim of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome


Read about Baylee

Meet Baylee a Danielle’s Gift recipient…Baylee struggles with the effects from Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. Baylee needed long term therapy at Stanford University Hospital and Danielle’s Gift was happy to step in and help. We also chose to give Baylee a computer so that she could start college as she goes through her therapies. Her original plan was to go away but is adapting to her new reality. Our prayers are with Baylee for relief from her terrible pain. Thank you to all who donate to help make this all possible, we are truly grateful.

Everett has Fox G1 and received a P-Pod chair from Danielle's Gift.


Read about Everett

Isn’t he as cute as can be. This is Everett a Danielle’s Gift recipient. Everett was diagnosed with Fox G1 and finds it difficult to sit without being held. Here he is in his new P-Pod chair that helps him to comfortably sit on his own and enjoy his favorite cartoons. We would not have been able to help make this possible for Everett without all of your support. Another example of how you are all making a difference. On behalf of Danielle’s Gift and our recipients THANK YOU!

Mason is battling cancer and is a recipient of Danielle's Gift


Read about Mason

This handsome young guy is Danielle’s Gift recipient Mason. Mason is battling cancer and we were happy to step in and assist in any way we can. You are very welcome Mason, thank you for this wonderful picture. Mason and his family continue to be in our prayers. #TeamMason #daniellesgift

Anna, cancer patient, is recipient of Danielle's Gift


Read about Anna

Anna is a past and current recipient of Danielle’s Gift. She’s battled cancer, side effects of radiation treatments and is now battling cancer caused by the treatments. She recently had a very major surgery and will be in the hospital receiving therapy and chemotherapy for the next six months. We were honored to be able to provide Anna with a laptop computer so that she can FaceTime her siblings, family, and friends and continue school. She also gets to watch movies while she’s resting. Thank you so much to all who donate. We would not be able to help these precious children like Anna without your support. Please keep sweet Anna in your prayers for complete healing.

Bronson, recipient of Danielle's Gift, was born deaf and received help with equipment after cochlear implant surgery


Read about Bronson

Meet Danielle’s Gift recipient Bronson…Bronson was born deaf and at 9 months had bilateral cochlear implant surgery and was implanted. At 10 months he was activated. He has been an inspiration to his family and has taught his mom patience, perseverance  strength and unconditional love in 5 short years. The equipment for continued use of the implants is very expensive and periodically needs to be replaced. Danielle’s Gift was happy to help little Bronson continue to have full function of his implant by helping to replace faulty equipment. Thank you to all who donate to help make this possible!!

Jameson's family lost everything in the Paradise fire and is a recipient of Danielle's Gift.


Read about Jameson

You might recognize this adorable little guy…although he was much younger the last time we posted his picture. This is Jameson…he is a previous recipient of Danielle’s Gift. Jameson and his family recently lost everything in the Paradise fire. Little Jameson lost everything so Danielle’s Gift was happy to step in and help him. We have helped with his immediate needs and plan to continue as the family goes forward with rebuilding their lives. Thank you to all who donate to help make times like this possible. Another example of how you make such a difference in so many lives.

Micah had his feet amputated with a need for a wheelchair and is a recipient of Danielle's Gift


Read about Micah

Meet Danielle’s recipient Micah…Here is his story…”Our son Micah was born on May 30, 2017 along with his twin brother Isaiah. One month after birth, we had to amputate both his feet due to a rare accidental blockage of his aorta to his lower extremities. He is currently in therapy with prosthetics, but not mobile. We would like to purchase a Scooot wheelchair, from Firefly, for him so he may have access to roam around outside independently and keep up with his siblings and cousins. We pray your amazing organization may be able help us cover the cost of the Scooot wheelchair as we pursue to purchase.” Thanks to the support of all of our donors we were able to provide the wheelchair needed for Micha’s independent movement.

Aushay, Rubinstein-Taybi Syndrome, is a recipient of Danielle's Gift.


Read about Aushay

This handsome guy is Aushay…a Danielle’s Gift recipient. Aushay was born with a rare genetic disorder called Rubinstein-Taybi Syndrome and struggles with various other health issues. We were happy to step in and help with aqua therapy, a soft helmet for safety, and lodging. Our prayers are with Aushay and his family. Thank you again to all that donate and make this support possible. #daniellesgift #makingadifference #grateful

Diego has Osteogenesis Imperfecta is a recipient of Danielle's Gift


Read about Die

Meet Diego a Danielle’s Gift recipient. Diego was born with Osteogenesis Imperfecta. Diego needed this Fold N Go wheelchair so he could have more independence and be able to wheel himself and not have to depend on family to push him. He reached out and we were glad to help him with his wish. Thank you to all who donate that make opportunities like this possible…you are making a difference in young peoples lives!!

Katie has Pilocytic Astrocytoma of Cerebellum and is a recipient of Danielle's Gift


Read about Katie

Meet Katie… Katie is battling Pilocytic Astrocytoma of Cerebellum and is a Danielle’s Gift recipient. Her family reached out to us and we are happy to help. We are so grateful to all who support Danielle’s Gift and make it possible for us to help precious children like Katie. Our prayers are with Katie and her family.

Nick had a Spinal Cord Injury leaving him paralyzed and is a recipient of Danielle's Gift.


Read about Nick

Meet Danielle’s Gift recipient Nicolas…Back in June 2014 he sustained a Spinal Cord Injury at the C6 level leaving him paralyzed from his chest down. In the last few years he has had to relearn just about everything from getting dressed to eating on his own and simply just brushing his teeth. Today he’s in a situation where his life has been placed on hold due to the lack of assistance and equipment needed for his daily tasks. He can’t leave his home independently and rely on those strong enough to help. He needs help with retrofitting his pick up so that he can load and drive himself without assistance. It is his goal to go to school and get his degree in psychology. Danielle’s Gift was happy to help Nick gain his independence. Thank you to all of you that donate to help make this possible. You make a difference!!!

Read About Organization Recipients

S'mores for Camp Erin

Camp Erin

Read about

We received a request to make 180 s’more packets for Camp Erin…Danielle loved s’mores so naturally we jumped at the opportunity. Camp Erin is a place where children and teens learn to grieve and heal. We would like to thank Kathy Hobby, Jill Chiesa, and Karen Genzoli for volunteering to help put these packets together. We would also like to thank Steve & Karen Genzoli for donating the chocolates we used in the packets. We will post pictures after camp for all to enjoy! Thank you to all that support Danielle’s Gift to help make this possible. You are making a difference in childrens lives. #daniellesgift #grateful #makingadifference #camperin

Hughson Christmas Baskets

Hughson Christmas Baskets

Read about

The Hughson Christmas Basket Project provides food and gifts at Christmas time for families in need.  We donate every year to provide toys for children and items for young adults.

Madera Childrens Hospital

Madera Children's Hospital

Read about

In December we took Christmas gifts to the children at Madera Children’s Hospital. While we were there we mentioned how much Danielle loved to read. They told us about a “book buddy” program they have for the children in the hospital and when they leave they let them take their book home with them. We told them to let us know if they needed books for the children and here they are 32 books to be delivered to Madera. We are so happy to help children have access to books and reading especially at difficult times in their lives. Thank you to all who support Danielle’s Gift that make this all possible…you are all heroes!!!

Madera Childrens Hospital

Turlock Pregnancy Center

Turlock Pregnancy Center

Read about

Yesterday we had the opportunity to visit Turlock Pregnancy Center to donate infant car seats. They are doing wonderful work to help young women in crisis and we were happy to help. #daniellesgift #makingadifference #thankyoudonors

Camp Wamp

Camp Wamp

Read about

Camp Wamp provides a life changing camp experience for children with severe disabilities.  We were happy to help support a wonderful experience for children who otherwise would never know what it was like to go to camp.

Hutton House

Hutton House

Read about

Merry Christmas to Hutton House. Hutton House is a place for runaway kids between the ages of 13 and 17 years old. They offer services for these kids, some of which are there because of abuse. Danielle’s Gift has donated 78 hoodies, items for the house so they can do laundry, wash their hair, etc.. We have also donated backpacks filled with hats, gloves, toothpaste, toothbrush and other personal items they may need once they leave the house. They can take a backpack with them which will give them someplace to hold their personal items. Thank you to Donna Botto, Scott McCaskill, and Sanmar for your sweatshirt donations. Also, thank you Emily Doyle for your extreme coupon shopping for us. Emily was able to purchase 362 items for us for $274.00, unbelievable. Finally thank you to all who support Danielle’s Gift and helped to make this possible.

Mission Birthday Club

Mission Birthday Club

Read about

Early in 2021, Mission Birthday Club reached out to us for help with providing birthday parties and gifts to the children at the Mission.

Foothill Horizons

Foothill Horizons Camp

Read about

Foothill Horizons water bottle and rain coatDanielle’s Gift recently donated enough funds to purchase 100 pair of rubber boots and 180 water bottles along with many rain jackets for Foothill Horizons Camp. These boots, water bottles and jackets are needed for children who attend the 3-5 day school. Most come with holes in their shoes or they are too small. The boots, bottles and jackets will remain at Foothill Horizons to be used by over 6,500 students each year. Every child should be able to enjoy this wonderful outdoor experience. Thank you to all who donate to help make this possible!!! #daniellesgift #makingadifference

 Foothill Horizons Bridge

Jessicas House

Jessica's House

Read about

We have been supporting Jessica’s House and grief counseling for children since their beginning ten years ago. On Thursday we had the opportunity to tour their new home. What a wonderful place doing wonderful things for ours and surrounding communities children and families. Thank you Erin and Natalie for the wonderful tour.

Mason is battling cancer and is a recipient of Danielle's Gift

VIA Heart Project

Read about

The VIA Heart Project on November 3rd was a huge success. Below is a email we received from Michelle the Hilmar School nurse…

“It was an amazing weekend of Heart Screenings. I want to thank everyone who volunteered and who brought their children. It was a huge success!

I want to thank Danielle’s Gift for donating to this very worthy cause without your donation the screenings would not have been possible.

We screened about 500 students and here are the results from the screening:

6 Cardiac Conditions: 3 serious, 2 non serious, 1 previously diagnosed (at last screening)!

It is always great to see the school and community come together to address the health and safety of our kids and the kids in the surrounding area.

Thank you once again!”

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